Welcome to Customaps!

  • by Geoffrey Poulad

What happens when you combine beautifully designed maps with unique ideas and top of the line prints? You get us! Here at Customaps we take specially designed maps to the next level! If you take a look below, we have summarized some of our key aspects that we specialize in and what separates us from the rest of the competition. 

Be your own designer

Here at Customaps you can take control of all the design aspects of your personalized map. From the colours to the fonts, you get to sit in the driver seat of what you want and how you want your map to look like. With our amazing online app, you can have the ability to choose your favourite city, colour, fonts, and of course your size. Start your own map now!  


Shop our pre-designed maps

Don't feel like designing a map? No worries, we have a ton of maps that will spark your interest. State and country maps, vintage maps, and city maps are just a few of many beautifully designed maps created by our in-house design team. You can even tweak anything you need from colour to fonts to get your map just right! Start shopping now! 


Unique Satellite Prints

Check out our satellite collection for some cool prints that will definitely turn heads. Unique over head shots of some of nature's wonders around the world. If maps are not your thing and still want an awesome print, check out what we have to offer. Satellite views of crop circles, deserts, and beaches are just a few to name.


In addition to our wide range of prints and unique designs, Customaps also has amazing customer service and plenty of self-help pages that will get you started with your very first print. Drop a line in our contact section here or check out come cool ideas to help you plan your first print. 




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