Father's Day Gift Guide

  • by Geoffrey Poulad

The easiest thing in the world is getting a gift for a dad..they aren't that picky. Just the simple thought of getting something.. anything..will bring them joy. 

Those low expectations are going to work to your advantage this year because not only are you going to get him something, you're going to get him something fun and amazing! 

For those looking to put in that extra effort in a gift this year for that amazing dad you have to look no further than the customaps creator! Show how much you appreciate him by customizing a map especially for him. From customizing the colours and style to the size and detail, you can create something truly unique that no one else will get for him. 

So if you're trying to exceed dad's expectations this year, we have curated a selection of can't miss items below. Take these ideas and turn it into your own to create the best gift a dad can ask for!

1. Personalized Map Print

Our go-to gift for the average dad that would love something to display in a frame in his office, bedroom, or anywhere else he likes to hang out. 

Personalize the colours and style to his liking to match things he loves like his car  or favourite sports team.

customaps poster frame map

Add pointers on the map to display places he loves like his favourite restaurants or bars. The ideas are endless!

customaps poster frame map

2. Digital Map Print

Need a gift last minute? Buy the digital version of our maps and get the gift within seconds. There are endless ideas of what you can do with digital maps when you print yourself and it is cost efficient if you're on a budget!

customaps poster frame map

customaps poster frame map

3. Map Gift Ideas

Want to give him something else other than a printed map? Head on over to Printful.com and upload your digital map to get a selection of super awesome products like a personalized coffee mug or a cool phone case!

customaps poster frame map

customaps poster frame map

4. Sports Fanatic Idea

If your dad's a sports fan then we got a great gift idea for you!

Select the colours of his favourite sports team and implement it into the map. Next, use the icons tool to pinpoint the exact location of where the team's stadium is located. Use the title selection bar to display the team's name to give your dad the ultimate sports gift! 

customap print map world digital art illustration poster

5. Retro Comic Book Idea

Bring your dad back to the good old days when he used to read comics with our unique retro style map look. The detail in this style will showcase some awesome typography with cool textures to make the map feel like it's an old comic book. 

customap print map world digital art illustration poster

6. The Traveling Dad

Is your dad a traveler? Create your own unique custom world map pin pointing all the locations he has visited.

Use the location icon in the customaps creator and drag them to the many locations around the world. This awesome gift will bring him back to all these memories through out his life!

customap print map world digital art illustration poster

We hope you loved these gift ideas and no matter which gift you end up giving your dad it will be awesome! Need help in creating your map? Head on over to our contact page to get help. 

Don't forget to check out our discount page for all the deals to help you save this father's day!



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