12 Amazing Satellite Shots of Famous Filming Locations in America

  • by Geoffrey Poulad

If you are a huge movie buff and have an appreciation of filming locations, than we got a treat for you! Take a look below at the 12 film locations in america we have highlighted for you that features the actual spot of the film in our satellite theme. Have any other film locations in the U.S.A and want to check them out? Head on over to our custom map generator and go for it!

1. Point Break

The actual location of the film was a beach called Indian Beach, in Ecola State Park, located in Cannon BeachOregon, USA. The beach is an ideal spot due to the good waves and the minimal amount of visitors. In reality, Indian beach is a stand in for the film’s ending scene that is suppose to be located in the famous surfing spot Bells Beach, Australia. This film was also famous for filming another two famous movies, twilight and the goonies!


2. Rocky

The famous ending of Rocky’s training montage was set on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia. The 68 steps is now widely known as the Rocky steps and is the second most famous movie location behind the Grand Central Station in New York. In 1980 an 8.5 ft Rocky statue was placed at the top of the steps for Rocky III but since then has been relocated.


3. Scarface

The infamous chainsaw scene in the classic 1983 film Scarface takes place at 728 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. The retro facade of the building where the scene was filmed is a perfect fit for Tony Montana’s arrival in the art deco district. Since the movies release, 728 Ocean drive has turned into a ‘Johnny Rockets’ Diner where you can order a boozy milkshake!


4. The Shawshank Redemption

The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio is a famous location that is home to many filming locations but none more famous than the 1994 classic film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. In the film you can see the perimeter of the reformatory but has since been torn down. All that remains is the massive east and west cellblocks. The famous shot of the prison in the movie was a large panning scene of the reformatory where you can get a really good look of the land.


5. Dawn of the Dead

The 1978 cult horror classic filmed by George A. Romero took place at Monroeville Mall in the state Pennsylvania. In the film, the mall was used as a fortress to protect four human survivors from the walking dead and is the main location of most of the film. The film went on to be a worldwide hit and fans from across the world come and visit the location reenacted as zombies.


6. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The film’s location was set in the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Oregon. This location was also the real setting in the novel the film was based on. The 620-bed facility has a haunted past that include being home to an insane asylum in 1883. Nowadays, the site as recently opened up a museum of mental health and features an exhibit of the film.


7. The Truman Show

The 1998 film starring Jim Carrey was filmed on location in a real-life seaside town called Seaside. The beach cottage community in Seagrove, Florida is an iconic location these days and is one of the most famous beach towns in the U.S.A. The communities’ pastel coloured homes and white picket fences made the town a perfect setting for the Truman show.


8. 127 Hours

127 hours was filmed in Bluejohn Canyon in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. The location is the actual place where Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) survived being trapped by his arm for more than 5 days in 2003. This part of the park is very remote and as you can see from the film it is actually a tough environment.


9. The Green Mile

Even though the film and the novel’s setting is suppose to be located in Louisiana, the Green Mile was filmed at the Cold Mountain Prison: Tennessee state penitentiary, Nashville. The beautiful abandoned prison features 800 small cells and 3-foot thick rock walls. The prison was closed down in 1992 but is still a popular filming location which features the movie 'Walk The Line' starring Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash.


10. Speed

The action film starring Keanu Reeves was supposed to be filmed at LAX but the filming location was actual at Mojave Air and Space Port in California. Due to the Mojave Spaceport’s unique location and facilities, it is an ideal spot for filming. Other notable movies here include the 1990 action film Die Hard 2 starring Bruce Willis.



11. Terminator 2 

The epic chase scene in terminator 2 was filmed on location in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. John Connor and the terminator, chased by an 18-wheeler, lands a spectacular jump and tears onto one of Los Angeles’ concrete flood control channels. The spillway used is the Bull Creek, which leads down to the Sepulveda Flood Control Area.


 12. Se7en

The 1995 film featuring Brad Pitt has many amazing locations in the film but none more chilling than the last scene of the movie, also known as the ‘What’s in the box!’ scene. Located way north of Los Angeles, the desert location features high-tensions wires and its grid like layout can be found in Lancaster, California.







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