Bicycle shape in iron mine, Michigan

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This high-resolution satellite image, offered by Customaps, shows iron mines in northern Michigan that form a bicycle shape when seen from satellite perspective. In 1844, government surveyors were exploring rugged, lake-filled terrain near Negaunee, Michigan, when they noticed that their compasses swung erratically in certain areas. It did not take long to determine the reason which was that ancient Precambrian rock layers in the area were laced with bands of iron ore.

The surveyors had thus discovered the Marquette Iron Range (known as the Negaunee Iron Formation by geologists), and the area would eventually become one of the most productive sources of iron in the United States. The two mines are booms for the local economy as they generate roughly $775 million in economic activity every year and support 1,600 jobs, according to Cliffs Natural Resources (the company that operates the mines). The water in the reuse pond (bicycle shape) is pink due to the high concentration of hematite, a mineral that often has a rusty orange color by nature.

Image © Mapbox, DigitalGloble, Inc.

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