Downtown Los Angeles, California

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This high-resolution satellite image, offered by Customaps, shows Downtown Los Angeles, California. The earliest known settlements in the area were by the Native American Tongva people. European settlement arrived later after Father Juan Crespí, a Spanish missionary charged with exploring sites for the Catholic missions in California, stated in 1769 that the region had "all the requisites for a large settlement''. On September 4th 1781, the city was founded by a group of settlers who trekked north from what is today known as Mexico. Land speculation increased in the 1880s, and the city's population soared from 11,000 in 1880 to nearly 100,000 by 1896.

Today, downtown Los Angeles includes the city's central business district as well as a diversified residential neighborhood of around 50,000 people. A 2013 study found that the district is home to over 500,000 jobs. In the past, banks, department stores and movie palaces drew residents and visitors to the area, but an economic decline created a downturn that lasted several decades. In the early 2000s, however, the area experienced a renaissance: old buildings were being restored for new uses and skyscrapers emerged. Today, it is defined as "a neighborhood with an increasingly hip and well-heeled residential population".

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