Los Monegros, Spain

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This overview captures a part of the “living desert of Europe”, known as the Monegros Desert, in Aragón, northeastern Spain. The steppes and forests, mountains and canyons, salty lagoons and lakes form an original landscape filled with brown and dark green tones. The area has a semi-arid climate and suffers from chronic drought - its rainfall barely reaches 15 inches (400 mm) per year. The wind that sweeps the lands is responsible for the great erosion as seen in this high-resolution satellite image, offered by Customaps.

The Monegros Desert is also noted for its Monegros Desert Festival, usually held in mid-July. Its electronic music performances attract numerous Spaniards and internationally renowned DJs and bands as well as some 40,000 people annually. It was formerly called the "Groove Parade" after being founded in 1992 and is held at the Finca Les Peñetes, roughly 40 miles (70 kilometers) east of these escarpments.

Image © Mapbox, DigitalGloble, Inc.

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