Map of Florida and the West Indies, 1737

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Print Description

This image offered by Customaps, is a wonderful example of J. B. Homann’s spectacular map of the West Indies. It consists of maps based upon the admirable work of D’Anville complied into a single sheet. The primary map, attributed to D’Anville’s work of 1731, depicts the West Indies from Mexico to the Lesser Antilles including the totality of Florida, parts of Carolina, and parts of northern South America. Southern Florida, in an attempted rendering of the Everglades, is shown as a series of lakes and islands connected by narrow canals. New Orleans and the mouths of the Mississippi are shown with relative accuracy as are Mexico and the West India Islands. Territories are color coded according the colonial powers that ruled them. The smaller maps include, from the top left, the Bay and Isthmus of Panama. In the upper right quadrant there is an excellent depiction of the port and harbor of St. Augustine, Florida. This is one of the earliest obtainable depictions of a harbor in Florida. The lower left quadrant features an inset plan of the city and harbor of Veracruz, Mexico. The lower right quadrant offers a similar plan of the city and harbor of San-Domingo. The bottom center features a splendid view of Mexico City, Mexico. The top center is adorned by a marvelous floral title cartouche depicting two Amerindians wearing elaborate feather headdresses and holding serrated spears. One of Homann’s more interesting maps of the Americas.



Our map posters are printed on a premium 10 mil (235 g/m2) thick cellulose based paper. Environmentally friendly, it is PVC free and recyclable. It features a satin finish with low glare. Saturated with latex for durable indoor and temporary outdoor use.

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Our wall murals are made of a self-adhesive thin polyester fabric material. They have the look and feel of a very thin canvas and do not require use of wallpaper paste or any extra glue for hanging. Our map murals can easily be removed, leaving no trace or sticky residue on 99% of any surface! They can be moved and re-applied over and over again, as the adhesive does not weaken or strengthen over time. Stick your map for a day – or stick it for a decade – still removes with no issues. Our material is green, nontoxic and safe. We protect them with a transparent laminate, which allows you to clean your map with a damp sponge.

Note: it is recommended to apply your wall mural on LOW or NO VOC paints.

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Each wallpaper mural is divided into numbered panels, which are hung edge to edge. Each panel is approximately 2 feet (24") wide.