Perspective Map of Milwaukee, WI, 1872

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Print Description

Customaps offers this beautiful bird's-eye view of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1872 drawn by HH Bailey. Panoramic city maps, popular at the turn of the century, depicted U.S. towns from the perspective that came to be known as bird's-eye maps. These non-photographic old maps offered by Customaps, depicted from oblique angles, showed street patterns, buildings and the predominant surrounding landscape in perspective. Going to great lengths to make these maps, artists would often climb surrounding hills or trees, sometimes even building platforms from which to achieve the "bird's eye" perspective. They also used to take rides in hot air balloons in order to get the proper perspective. To bolster sales of these old panoramic city maps, the artists would often choke town harbors full of ships, include proposed building developments and depict a vivacious, bustling industry. Historically interesting and beautifully drawn, it is no wonder these old panoramic city maps are making a popular comeback. Bring the spirit of your town's history back to life with these stunning old bird's-eye maps.



Our map posters are printed on a premium 10 mil (235 g/m2) thick cellulose based paper. Environmentally friendly, it is PVC free and recyclable. It features a satin finish with low glare. Saturated with latex for durable indoor and temporary outdoor use.

Strength, tear-resistance, flexibility, and the ability to fold without the image cracking are key benefits of our posters.


Our wall murals are made of a self-adhesive thin polyester fabric material. They have the look and feel of a very thin canvas and do not require use of wallpaper paste or any extra glue for hanging. Our map murals can easily be removed, leaving no trace or sticky residue on 99% of any surface! They can be moved and re-applied over and over again, as the adhesive does not weaken or strengthen over time. Stick your map for a day – or stick it for a decade – still removes with no issues. Our material is green, nontoxic and safe. We protect them with a transparent laminate, which allows you to clean your map with a damp sponge.

Note: it is recommended to apply your wall mural on LOW or NO VOC paints.

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Each wallpaper mural is divided into numbered panels, which are hung edge to edge. Each panel is approximately 2 feet (24") wide.