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Preserve Your Treasured Memories with a Custom City Map

Our most treasured memories are intimately linked to the locations in which we built them. We all look back fondly on the places where we grew up, got married, and built our careers and families. Even if you've moved to a new city or town since then, you can still relive these cherished memories with a Custom City Map.

What Is a Custom City Map?

Customaps uses Geographical Information Systems technology, or GIS, along with remote sensing satellite imagery to build fully customized maps of any location in the world. Our online map builder isn't limited in scope to large metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or Beijing, but also allows you to create maps of the small, remote locations that may mean a lot to you or someone you love.

You can also create maps of the places you dream of visiting but have yet to travel to in person. Our maps offer wonderful inspiration for vacation planning!

How to Create a Custom City Map

With our online custom map generator, the sky's the limit. Create the map of your dreams with our large selection of customizable features such as:

  • A customized title
  • Icons, labels, and custom colors
  • Adjustable zoom levels
  • Routes and trails
  • Special notes for your loved ones

You can build your map from scratch or upload a KML or GPX file from your GPS device. Once you've finished customizing your beautiful new map to your liking, you can preview it before downloading or printing it as a wallpaper or poster. Customaps' fast delivery ships free worldwide for most poster sizes.

Build Your Custom City Map Today

Here at Customaps, we offer you the tools you need to preserve your precious memories as beautiful, one-of-a-kind maps. Start building your own custom map today or contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you!

Fast delivery

All US orders are delivered in 1-5 business days after printing

Free worldwide shipping

We offer free shipping worldwide on most posters

Exchanges & Returns

If your map arrived damaged, contact us within 7 days and we'll print a new one right away