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Welcome to Customaps! Create and print maps of ANYWHERE in the world. Choose the location, choose the style & customize your map using our awesome map creator.

Available as posters.

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Map murals

Go BIG with our large scale map murals! Made of a self-adhesive thin fabric material, they do not require use of paste or glue for hanging. Easy to apply and easy to remove, they are custom sized to perfectly fit your wall.

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Satellite images

Travel the world with our collection of satellite images. Our passion is seeing the Blue Planet from above, as we feel that nature's abstract beauty is only truly revealed from a bird's-eye view. Satellite images bring a unique and new perspective of our world.

Available as posters and peel & stick murals.

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What is Customaps?

Customaps allows you to create and print maps of anywhere in the world, in an infinite number of styles. Create your own poster or shop our pre-made maps. Our pre-made maps are available as posters and peel & stick murals!

Any location

Create a map of anywhere in the world using our awesome map creator! Whether it is somewhere you've been or somewhere you want to go... Customaps allows you to scout the entire planet.

Design it, Customize it

Pick your favourite map style, hide the street names, add a title, etc. You are in control of every aspect of your map!

Top notch printing

We print our posters on a thick, beautiful 235 gsm paper. And if you'd rather cover an entire wall, we also offer removable and resistant peel & stick murals, that can be custom sized to fit any space!

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