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Make a map of anywhere in the world using our map creator. Change the colors, rotate, tilt, add icons, add text and much more!

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Map Of The Month: GALAXY

A map style that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Map Wallpaper

Create an extra-large map to the exact dimensions you need and in stunning details.

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The Best Map Builder Out There!

Create a map of ANYWHERE in the world and customize it the way YOU want it! Possibilities are endless!

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We answer most emails in less than 24 hours (usually much faster than that!). Yup, that's fast!

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More Services = More Choices!

We offer GIS services to display specific data on your map and help you make wiser business decisions!

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Maps For Businesses

Maps for hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies and all industries.

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Data Visualization & GIS

Visualize statistics and make better decisions by displaying data on your map.

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Our maps look great anywhere and in any situation. On small posters or large wallpapers, in black and white or in a million colors, Customaps is the perfect addition to any space!

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