About Us

Who We Are

Customaps was founded in Montreal, Canada by two frenchmen from Paris and Marseille. One would think this would be an impossible match considering their rivalry in soccer! Yet, against all odds, they have managed to combine their talents and create a visionary new concept in the awakening world of Maps.

Together, they united the Parisian’s strong expertise in wall mural production through his well established company Eazywallz, and the Marseillais’s research and development of his specialty in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing satellite imagery. After a few good bottles of wine, they finally decided to merge their respective skills to bring you Customaps, the most complete website dedicated to maps and satellite images for your walls.

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What We Do

At Customaps, you can design your own personalized print using our map-generator. Create your own map and control the design elements the way you want, from color to font, anywhere on the globe, at any zoom level. No more being bound by conventional maps of blue waters and green lands…We all know the world is not perceived in the same way for everyone.

Customaps offers poster maps, pre-pasted wallpaper and self-adhesive wall murals that can be chosen from different libraries. These libraries include NASA satellite images, as well as, city, state, country and world wide maps based on the good work from the folks at OpenStreetMap (https://www.openstreetmap.org).

Ever wish you could explore the world? Select and print the places you’ve only dreamt of! Customap your hometown, your favorite city, that special place that warms your heart or simply chose a unique view of Earth from above! Don’t be shy – unearth the cartographer in you – become a Customaper!

Maps codify the miracle of existence. 

― Nicholas Crane, Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet