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Data Visualization & GIS

Customaps offers custom mapping and GIS (Geographic Information System) Services to compile geospatial information for hard copy (posters or wall murals) or digital output (presentations and local printing).

Our provision of custom map and GIS services can range from simple designs (add a Company logo or a slogan, pinpoint locations on the map, etc.) to much more complex projects (ex: plot data for Business establishments to understand the existing and potential new markets, political district maps and zip code maps, etc.)

Simple customization is FREE and is included in the product price. A simple customization means a service that require less than half an hour of work (add logos or titles to the map, change main colors etc.). Beyond this time, we charge an hourly rate of $59 USD.

Examples of Customization

  • Customize map colors
  • Create a custom size map
  • Mark points of interest / areas with unique symbols / highlight an area of the map
  • Custom Road/Street Maps
  • Educational Maps

Custom Business Maps

  • Add a company logo
  • Custom Territory, Sales, Marketing, Advertising & Real Estate Maps
  • Custom Specialty Maps (Transit / Transportation / Mining / Oil / etc.)
  • Custom radius maps, custom ring maps (buffers)

Custom Territory maps

  • US Zip-Code Maps (and worldwide)
  • US County Maps (and worldwide)
  • Custom neighborhood, and other custom region maps (States, Provinces, Countries)

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Some Of Our Clients

Data Visualization for Any Application


Increase your business' efficiency by managing your delivery routes and easily locate your delivery zones.


Clearly show territories and areas for your sales reps, segment population demographics or display counties and zip codes boundaries.


Pinpoint precise locations and points of interest with icons or radius rings, whether it be parks, airports, landmarks, etc. Perfect for travel and hospitality maps.


Know who your customers are, where they come from and create new market opportunities by gaining significant insights with relevant data.


Get details and display information on any transportation system, from streets to highways, railroads and maritime routes.

large format maps and digital maps available

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Fast delivery

All US orders are delivered in 1-5 business days after printing

Free worldwide shipping

We offer free shipping worldwide on most posters

Exchanges & Returns

If your map arrived damaged, contact us within 7 days and we'll print a new one right away