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Find a Wallpaper Installer Near You

Certain projects may require the expertise of a professional installer


While Customaps offers DIY materials such as Peel and Stick fabric and Pre-pasted Wallpaper that can be installed by anyone, we also offer Laminated Vinyl and Korographics® Wallpaper, which require more skillful installation. In such cases, you might feel more at ease by entrusting the installation to a professional.

It's important to note that there is a distinction between wallpaper and peel and stick materials, so it's essential to inform the installer about the specific material they will be working with. There are specialized wallpaper hangers who excel in handling pasted wallpaper, as well as signage installers who specialize in peel and stick applications.

Additionally, installers may have different pricing methods, either charging per project or based on the square footage. Prices can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the project and the geographical region (installers in larger cities often charge higher rates).

Here are a few websites listing certified professional installers that you can find in your area.


Visit PrinterLink to Find a Wallpaper Installer Near You

Visit WIA to Find a Wallpaper Installer Near You

Visit 3M Certified Installer Locator


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