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How to Install your Peel & Stick Map Mural


STEP 1 - Prep Your Wall

Proper preparation of your wall is critical!

Ensure the wall has been previously primed prior to painting (otherwise the paint or adhesive may come off). Concerning newly painted surfaces, and to avoid bubbling, please allow 30 days for the paint to fully cure.

Repair any visible defects, smooth out bumps and patch holes to ensure your wall is smooth and flat. If possible, remove all picture hooks, light fixtures and switch plates.

Wash of any dirt, hair, dust or residue from old wallpaper with a dry cloth or a duster. Do NOT use water!

A perfectly CLEAN and DRY wall will help the adhesive backing to keep its stickiness if repositioning is required.

STEP 2 - Getting Ready

Get a friend to help you! Two people will make the installation process much easier and faster.

Open the sturdy Customaps packaging tube. Inside you will find your map. Look for the panel number on the back of each one. Panel#1 is the first panel on the left.

Unroll all panels and lay them flat on the floor, the printed side facing the ceiling. You may notice creases and/or bubbles as you unroll the panels. No worries, this is normal. The creases will disappear once the map is flattened on the wall.

If you purchased a map that is smaller than your actual wall size, take the measurements of your wall to center it. DO NOT stick your map over a pencil guideline, as the material isn't 100% opaque (the pencil lines will show through) and may affect the stickiness. 


Peel off the liner a few inches only - 6" or so - across the top of the first panel. DO NOT peel off the entire liner all at once to avoid your map to fold up against itself. It’s okay if it does, you can separate it by carefully pulling it apart.

Simply apply the 6” of exposed adhesive area to your chosen location. Remember, it can be repositioned many times. Then continue to slowly pull the liner downward in 4-6” increments, smoothing the map as you go. Depending on the size, it may be helpful if one person pulls down the liner, while the other smooth’s the map on the wall.

You can use a plastic dry wall knife (like 6”-8”) or wallpaper squeegee to do so. DO NOT use pressure to avoid scratches.

Repeat the same process to apply all following panels by butting the panels edge to edge.

STEP 4 - Trim Overage

Once all panels have been applied, SLOWLY trim all the overage with an utility knife with a sharp blade (ie: Xacto knife). You may follow the edges of your wall or ceiling to do so, however we recommend using a ruler to cut through a straight line.

If needed, repeat this process to cut around outlets, fuse boxes, windows, doors, etc.


Bubbles: If a bubble re-appears over the next day or two, pressing and lightly rubbing can remove it. This can happen occasionally if oil, dirt, or dust is on your surface. You can also use a sewing pin to pop the bubble, and then smooth it out with your fingers in a circular motion. Bubbles usually appear because the wall was painted within the last 30 days or cleaning chemicals where used prior.

Removal: To remove your map from the wall, slowly and gently pull the panels from the wall. Use your hand to gradually hold back the wall mural during this process.

If you wish to move your map: we highly recommend keeping the backing liner (wax paper), so you can re-apply the map to it. It will protect the adhesive from losing its stickiness and allow you to re-use your map elsewhere. We unfortunately can't guarantee that your map will stick as well as the first time.

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